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Last night was the opening party for my two week exhibition at Hatos in Nakameguro (more info to be found here: http://agitatedlight.com/hatos/) and it was a great night. I’m grateful to have had so many wonderful folks brave the cold to join last night’s event and thankful for their kind and positive comments towards the photographs.

We hung and mounted the prints late on Friday night after business hours and it took around two and half hours to get everything all squared away and I’m pleased with the results of our labour on Friday night. This shot is of one the main walls with five of the A3 framed prints that are hanging; everything will be in place for the next two weeks so please drop by if you have time.



  1. Chris
    Posted 24 Jan ’11 at 8:41 am | #

    Very nice Andy, as someone with a decent camera I’m still pretty much a point and shoot type, but I do love trying to capture a nice shot sometimes.

  2. Posted 24 Jan ’11 at 11:13 pm | #

    Thanks Chris!