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Happy New Year

When I am between projects I like to go out on a photo walk and simply lose myself by finding patterns, abstract or plain, recognizable or not in the buildings and nature my unplanned route takes me past. I find time slips away from me on these outings especially when I impose limits such as using a single prime lens as those limits help to concentrate and focus you towards the basics such as composition.  I recommend the same to anyone with a camera, SLR or compact, and some spare time of an afternoon as going back to basics helps reenforce the fundamentals that you can then better apply to your other work.

The shot I’ve posted today, whilst maybe not that festive in nature, is from a photo walk late last month around the Tsukiji area of Tokyo. The reason I posted this shot is that it represents to me the myriad of new year’s resolutions being made around the world. Resolutions typically involve some form of self improvement, bringing a new order to  your personal chaos or more generally moving one or more steps towards a goal. I hope your resolutions, if you have made any this year, carry you all the way to your destination.