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An Umbrella

It has been a busy couple of months working on putting together a photobook of portraits of many of my Tokyo friends and I’ve not got my workflow nailed down and optimized which means things are taking longer than they would ideally and as a result I’m not finding time to post as much online content as I would like.

This will certainly change as I hone the workflow as there are plenty of frames I’d like to share including I am sure some of the recent portraits I’ve taken as many of them show specific techniques I have been working on.

For now, however, here is a shot taken during a recent sunday afternoon stroll in my neighbourhood. Post processing was fairly minor as was the crop.

More soon.


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  1. Banana King
    Posted 25 Nov ’10 at 12:03 pm | #

    Umbrellas may keep the rain off, but they won’t appease the Banana King and save the World …