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Shibuya 109

Last month my sister and her friend came out to visit Tokyo for a short vacation which was doubled thanks to the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. I took a few days off work and we had a great time hanging out in my favourite haunts around Tokyo. I also took the opportunity to use them both for a number of shoots which after the initial obstacle of persuading the girls they wanted to step into the stressful stressful end of the lens were all a lot of fun.

This shot is taken on the famous Shibuya crossing and involved a couple of Voice Activated Lightstands as David Hobby likes to call them. One to hold the large umbrella on a boom and another to make sure the hundreds of other people crossing the street didn’t trip over the sync cord running between me and the first VAL. The second VAL was also giving us the “traffic is about to start again guys” warning every few minutes as we then hastily gather the sync cord, dash across the road and wait for the next light change.

Was a lot of fun, gave the girls a bit of a different story than the average tourist visiting that crossing, and is a setup I’d definitely like to try again in the future as I enjoyed the organised yet guerilla nature of the shoot.